Gambling Scorecard & Sweet 16 Picks

BabbleCal nailed 8/8 picks for Sunday’s games! These picks bring the year to date record up to 48/68 or 71% on college basketball games.

Sweet 16 picks are as follows: Gonzaga, Tennessee, Michigan, Virginia, Michigan State, North Carolina, Duke, Kentucky

Gambling Scorecard and Day 4 Picks

BabbleCal nailed 7/8 picks yesterday bringing year to date record to 40/60 for 67% success rate on college basketball! Vanderbilt baseball whipped Florida in Nashville for a three game sweep by outscoring the over-matched Gators 34-6 in total. BabbleCal’s college baseball picks are 2/2 on the year.

March Madness picks for today are as follows: Tennessee, North Carolina, Duke, Texas Tech, Virginia Tech, Virginia, Houston, Oregon

Gambling Scorecard and Day 3 Picks

BabbleCal nailed 10/16 picks yesterday for a year to date record of 33/52 or 63% success rate on college basketball!

Picks today are as follows: Maryland, Kentucky, Michigan, Florida State, Gonzaga, Michigan State, Purdue, Auburn

March Madness Picks Day 2

Teams moving on to the next round are as follows: UVA, Ole Miss, Wisconsin, Kansas State, Cincinnati, Tennessee, UNC, Utah State, Ohio State, Houston, Duke, UCF, Mississippi State, Virginia Tech, Buffalo, Texas Tech

March Madness Picks Day 1

Advancing to the next round are the following teams: Louisville, LSU, Auburn, Florida State, Michigan State, Maryland, Kansas, Murray State, Florida, Kentucky, Villanova, Gonzaga, Michigan, Wofford, Purdue, Syracuse